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Season 2 Episode 14 Shannon: When Medical Trauma Rudely Interrupts

Season 2 Episode 14 Shannon: When Medical Trauma Rudely Interrupts

In this episode of the SISU Journey podcast, Shannon Collins talks about the stress of dealing with the repercussions of something out of their control. Everything was fine until one day, they unexpectedly needed to undergo brain surgery. What was it like afterward? How did they start to get used to this new normal? Stay tuned!


Here are the things to expect in this episode:

  • Being in a situation where they can’t trust their body to do what it needs to do.

  • Everyone else’s reaction to the surgery is its own trauma.

  • The long-term impact of brain surgery on their daily life. What were some of the major shifts they did?

  • Putting up boundaries because they didn’t like how people were treating them.

  • How they learned to no longer be afraid of being honest with their feelings and values.

  • And more!


About Shannon Collins:

Pronouns: they/them

Shannon Collins has been aiming to capture joy as resistance for 12 years as the owner of Shannon Collins Photography. They connect clients with affirming vendors and advocate for safer, more diverse, inclusive, and accessible industry standards.

In the past year, Shannon came out publicly as nonbinary, queer, and disabled. Shannon recently founded Youthphoria, a project dedicated to celebrating and photographing trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming youth in the Philadelphia area at no cost. Shannon volunteers for The Trevor Project every week as a crisis counselor.

Shannon lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with their partner, two children, chinchilla, dachshund, and 38 patient houseplants.

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The Trevor Project:


This episode talks about medical trauma and uses a few sassy words. Please take care while listening.

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